Would You Sleep on the Floor of a Plane?

Y’all! I travel on a budget. Yep. I love to find those less than 500 dollar round trip international flights and take them as often as I can. To me, it’s about the destination. And basically, I’d rather have MORE trips for less money and suck it up on the plane flight. Yeah, those budget seats can be uncomfortable…and seem to be getting more and more cramped. Ain’t even gonna lie. But, I do get up and stretch my legs often and sometimes, I do try for the direct flight…if it’s within the budget.

Here’s a photo that’s going viral right now. A woman sleeping on the floor of a plane. I get it, sister. I’ve been tempted to do it myself, however, I’m not about the gross stuff that was probably on that floor previously…like people’s stinky bare feet. Besides, wouldn’t it be all noisy down there? Yes, I entertained the thought…once, but no…would never do it. I just keep my mind focused on the destination of my trip and meditate on that. Maybe whine a little bit under my breath.

But I’m not gonna begrudge her for doing this. I just hope she showers and scrubs with antibacterial soap at least ten times when she gets to her destination. So, what do YOU say? Would YOU get all comfy and take a nap on the floor of a plane? Most of Twitter says, AWWW HAIL NO! That’s disgusting! – KW