It’s a White Claw summer — Spiked seltzers are the official cocktail of summer 2019

We went from a Hot Girl Summer to a White Claw Summer

The low-calorie, low-carb boozy drink is taking over picnics, poolsides, beer aisles and of course social media

Thanks to this video proclaiming “Ain’t No Laws When You’re Drinking Claws.”

warning some NSFW language ahead

My husband was blissfully unaware that White Claw Summer was trending so when he brought one home announcing to me “Hey I got this new beer I thought you might like” let’s just say he thought I lost my mind when I busted out “Ain’t Laws When You’re Drinking Claws Baby” and started hysterically laughing.

I sent him the video above followed be meme after meme

You get the picture

But apparently I am now having a White Claw Summer as well. I have to say though, after tasting this I have NO idea why people are so into it. I’ll stick to Larry’s Pink Lemonade.