The Customer Is Not Always Right- #ThoughtsWhileWorkingInRetail is Trending

If you’ve ever worked retail you know the customer isn’t always right

I worked at a bookstore in college and would find books in certain sections with entire chapters RIPPED OUT! Yes people wouldn’t just steal the book (which is bad enough) but they would rip out stories and leave the rest behind.

(btw these were not children’s stories. Let’s just say they were in the adults section.)

On Twitter this week retail workers came together to unite in their frustrations with the hashtag @ThoughtsWhileWorkinginRetail and it quickly started trending

Heard this SO many times

At the bookstore so many customers put books back in the wrong place making them IMPOSSIBLE to find!

And forget finding them in the back.

So when someone came in and asked for one I would “Go in the back” look around and come back out and say “I’m sorry we’re out but I can special order a new one for you.”

So basically I contributed to book stores slowly going out of business and everyone just ordering for themselves online. You’re welcome Amazon.