Man From Spain Hit With $67,000 Fine For Doing What?!?! ~ CASH

When I first saw this, I have to be honest, I thought it happened in New Mexico.

Why? Well, there’s some weird thing that started a long time ago where people dump appliances and mattresses and things like that in the desert. For some strange reason, folks like to dump their junk in the desert. Probably because there’s so much desert in the southwest.

There would be times when I’m out riding a dirtbike and I would see a random stove or a couch. I would always ask myself, “Who dumped this here?”

They dropped the hammer on this guy for throwing his old fridge off a cliff. I bet he’s regretting his decision now. Take a look! They hit the guy with a fine of $67,000 dollars and forced him to walk his happy butt down there and haul that fridge back up the hill.