Big Red’s Billion Dollar Idea…

So the offices surrounding The Eagle studios are currently in the process of being painted, and as many of you probably know, the smell of paint isn’t a pleasant smell whatsoever. I was walking through the halls, taking in the smell of paint, and thought to myself, why hasn’t someone invented a scented version of paint?

We had the technology a long time ago for scratch and sniff stickers, and markers that smell like your favorite fruit. Why can’t that same technology be used to make either a scented paint, or an unscented paint that doesn’t release fumes that isn’t healthy for the average human being. It would make the annoying chore of painting less aggravating, it would also allow people to paint at anytime, and not risk smelling up the place they are painting.

This may sound crazy, but I truly believe it would work. We can make wax smell like Flannel, or the Beach, why the heck can’t we make paint smell like something we enjoy?

Let me know your thought.

– Big Red