My Daughter Already Has A Bad Habit And She’s Not Even 2! ~ CASH

I feel terrible! How could I let this happen? Wait a second, it’s not me, it’s my wife. Yeah, that’s who I’ll blame it on, my wife!

Before you start thinking I’m a terrible husband, let me explain. The other day I’m sitting on my couch and I notice that my daughter has something in her mouth. I go over thinking it’s some small lego or old food that’s he’s found on the floor. I wish that was the case. Come to find out, she’s already biting her fingernails.

Now, to the point where I explain that it’s my wife’s fault, not mine. My wife still bites her nails. That’s where she got it from, right? My 8-year-old son also bites his nails.

I’ve never bit my nails. However, I did have some bad habits as a child. I mean, who doesn’t? I used to do this weird thing with my lip when I was little. I mean, it’s so weird that I can’t even explain it. It would almost be like making a sad face, but it was more of a nervous twitch. What was I so nervous about?

I never had the chapped lips ring around my mouth or anything like that, but bad habits for kids must be a thing.

What were your bad habits growing up?