I Overcame One of My Biggest Fears on Vacation…Sort Of. {PICS}

I have two major fears in my life.  Water and crickets.

I’m not talking about cute little Jiminy Crickets I mean those HUGE big fat black ones BLECH!!!

My other fear is of water.  I never learned to swim and had a terrifying experience on my 13th birthday after falling in the deep end of the pool.

Since then I have hated being in the water…I even hate getting my face wet in the shower!

This past week I celebrated my 40th birthday by taking a trip to Smith Mountain Lake with my husband and it was BEAUTIFUL!

But I was content to just view the water from afar

My husband had different plans though…he got me on a boat!

Under one condition- he carried me on and off of it so I wouldn’t have to actually BE in the water at any point

He was the perfect Instagram husband…even going in the water himself to take a picture of my drink floating in the water

And in return I stepped out of my comfort zone and got a little closer to the water (but still not IN it) while kayaking.

This is the closest I got to the water.

But we had so much fun and I may actually be a water person now…

As long as I don’t have to go in it!