Do you have a “Couple’s Song?

Do you and your partner have a ‘couple song’?



You know the one that comes on the radio and you lean in and say “this is our song” and it fills you with memories?



A recent survey by Macquarie University researchers showed that , “Overall, about two-thirds of the people had a song they identified as their ‘couple song’; it didn’t matter what gender or age they were.”

And according to the research

If you share a special song with your partner, chances are it could be more than a romantic connection – new research has revealed it could also have a positive effect on memory and well-being.


My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and as a gift I got him a picture that plays “our song”

I found the artist on etsy and loved the way they combined a sound wave with one of our wedding photos and then included a QR code that links right to our song.

So whenever we feel like it, we can scan it to play and remember our first concert together in 2006.  It was O.A.R. in Maryland and we went with a group of friends who rented a limo (fancy!) to take us there (really just so they didn’t have to drive and could drink)  We sat in the lawn, I kicked off my shoes to dance and someone STOLE ONE OF MY SHOES.

Yes just one!!!  So I had to hobble back to the limo with only one shoe on.  Brian offered to carry me and I knew I found a true gentleman.

Our song brings back the memories of that first concert and those first weeks falling in love.