The Cookie Monster Raids My Snack Cabinet! ~ CASH

Can you believe this? Someone went into our snack cabinet and ate all the cookies! Well, maybe not eat all of them, but sure did leave her mark.

I can’t turn my back for 5 seconds without my daughter getting into something at the house. Her new thing is climbing into the sink in the hallway bathroom and turning on the water. Then, she starts to cry because she doesn’t like getting wet.

She also likes to spill her drink on the floor at the apartment that I rent. There goes that deposit. What I’m trying to say, is that my 21-month-old daughter gets into everything.

This was what she got herself into on Monday morning. Again, you have to remember that she’s usually only left alone for a few minutes at a time. She’s pretty good at making the most of her time.

How can someone who looks like this, also be capable of doing this?

She took a bite out of every single one!