To Bird or Not to Bird -Georgia

E-scooters are the future! But VA Beach is trying to get rid of them. So not fair! Norfolk has lime scooters which are basically the same thing and since I live in Norfolk, I ride those all the time. I mean, yea I did fall off one the other day, but joke’s on me because the scooter was already stopped and I only fell because it’s hard to walk on cobble stone haha. I got an even worse wipeout carrying groceries upstairs from my gravel parking lot.

Point is, they’re so much fun and effective! It’s a great way to explore the city and get from point A to point B more efficiently. There will always be something new and scary around the corner but we need to grow with the technology (and appreciate that they’re cheaper than uber). Take my poll on our Facebook and let me know: Will you still bird/lime around the city or do you prefer other modes of travel !