I Tried To Work Out, Let’s All Laugh Together -Georgia

In light of my recent shopping excursion where I found myself needing to shop in the plus size section of a store I’ve been buying clothes from for years, I decided to start a new workout routine and actually stick to it. 2 years ago, I used to workout 6-7 days a week and then after I tore my ACL/Meniscus 3 times over those last 2 years I have used that as an excuse to not workout… and I have gravely paid for that since.

SO finally I decided to make the necessary change. I began working out again… for a whole 10 minutes to ease myself back into it… and then I couldn’t walk or sit up for days. Pathetic, I know. I tried continuing the routine again the next day and physically collapsed on my floor. I gave up for the rest of the week so I could heal. Then I remembered that I should have never set my standards so high to start. It has been a long time since my body was capable of that kind of regimen. I have to honest with myself and what my body can handle these days. I find myself writing out work out plan after work out plan and lists of meals that will probably never be made that eventually gets buried in a series of notebooks I’ve collected over the years. But it’s time for that to officially change. It’s my second week of intermitted fasting and so far it is going very well. I’ve been meal prepping and finding more motivation to stay focused.

Also, my boss here has challenged me to quit drinking so much coffee. Today was my first day without my beloved beverage and I was tired the whole time. Not sure how well I will do come fall time when my favorite drink makes it to Starbucks, but in an effort to lose weight and gain money, I will be forced to forego the very substance that has made me a functional human all these years. I’ll keep you posted on the journey. Well wishes appreciated.