Happy Labor Day!! -Georgia

Did you know: Labor Day is the official end of hot dog season? Unfortunately it also marks the end of summer, but we had a Hot Girl Summer!! An old friend said to me the other day “wow it looks like you’ve been doing such great things this summer!” and I was really confused because I feel like I’ve just been working my butt off at my jobs and maybe going out once a month to enjoy the summer. But when I actually looked back at my Instagram from everything I’ve been doing, she was absolutely right! I went to several concerts, a couple trips, made some appearances at the beach, and had lots of family time.

I want to see how you enjoyed your summer in 5 pictures! I’ll go first.

Summer started with a trip down to Savannah, GA to see my best friend graduate college


I found out I’m going to be a aunt to the sweetest little niece


Attended the banquet for winning Coastal Virginia Best New Local Radio Talent


Finally, I celebrated my 23rd birthday with some of my closest friends