Don’t Throw Beach Balls Around At A Miranda Lambert Show {VIDEO}

If you’ve made the mistake of taking a beach ball to a Miranda Lambert show you may not have left with it.

Miranda has a history of slicing beach balls that are thrown on stage.

Somebody posted a video of her slicing into one at her show in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

She grabbed a knife that was “conveniently” stashed near the drums, cut into the beach ball . . . and then told the crowd, quote, “I love you all but we’re not at the damn beach. We’re singing country music tonight.”

Fans reactions were mixed

but some weren’t as thrilled

@NaeNae_25 wrote:

I feel like that’s a little aggressive… it’s fun for the fans to interact w each other sometimes. Unless it was purposely hit onto the stage to disrupt her performance, then that’s not cool at all.

while @rlethi wrote:

you were very rude to your fans.!! I would never attend any of your concerts even if I got ticket’s FREE!!

What do you think?

Personally I’m cool with the beach balls at a Kenny Chesney show when he’s singing about the beach but during “The House That Built Me” or “Tin Man” it just isn’t the right vibe and distracts from the concert we all paid a lot of money to see.