Hurricane Dorian -Georgia

Well well well, another year, another hurricane that didn’t actually hit us. Last year I packed up my cats and evacuated to a friend’s house. We stocked up on snacks and movies but nothing ever came except some rain. The boys had a great time on their little vacation in case you can’t tell.

En route to higher ground
Patiently waiting for something interesting to happen outside
The boys are so confused why it’s sunny during a hurricane
All smiles that we survived our first hurricane together


This year was much the same weather wise. We decided to stay home in our own apartment this time but we still stocked up on the snacks. The boys weren’t as interested in the rain this year. Instead, we all stayed in bed cuddling all day. It was a much needed rest. Hope you all made it out safe from the storm. Thank goodness we weren’t in the Bahamas or South Carolina.

Cuddles with little one all day long
Glad one of us thinks this is comfortable