Hallmark Christmas Movies Roasting on an Open Fiiiiiiiiire….

Okay, admit it. You sung that! HAHA! But seriously, I do love the cheesy Hallmark holiday movies so much! I’ll watch them…and before I know it, 84 years have gone by! Anyway, we’re not the only ones addicted to these feel good movies! Three guys have created a podcast with their own reviews! Which means, they’re just like us and don’t move from the sofa for hours. One of them adores the movies, one is neutral and one totally despises them. When the three come together, hilarity ensues. Honestly, I may now become more addicted to the reviews than the movies!

OH! And how about THIS for everyone who still loves Zack Morris?

A “Saved by the Bell” Christmas movie!

Hey guys! Make it happen! K, thanks, bye! – KW