Time For The County Fair, Y’all -Georgia

This weekend was the annual Isle of Wight County Fair and it was a blast! There are so many opportunities to enjoy this fall season; it’s full of all kinds festivals and adventures all over town! I may live in the city, but I can sure fit right in with the country folk too. I love the horses and cowboy boots, and the cowboys wearing them too. Yesterday, however, was the first time I saw a man ride a bull with my own eyes–like a real bull and not just that mechanical one at the country bars. Intense… but SO worth it. We got to pet bunnies and ponies and enjoyed many snacks throughout the grounds. The night finished with a great performance from Buckshot (pictured below) and Restless Heart. Check it out!

I named this guy Steve
The most beautiful bunny at the fair! I can’t believe it didn’t win best in show
Welcome to the fair!