Mystery Oreos are HERE! Spoiler Alert: I Have a Guess or Two to Share!

Remember the Mystery Oreo flavor from 2017? Fruity Pebbles. I wasn’t really pleased with those, but they were okay for an Oreo. Well, a NEW mystery flavored Oreo is here and available now! And these are pretty good! I think maybe they should keep them!

Oreo promises to gift one lucky winner with a big wad of cash if he or she correctly guesses the flavor. So, here are my guesses to get you started. You’re welcome. First of all, they do have a strong cinnamon-y taste. I originally thought “graham cracker” or “churro”, but since the Fruity Pebbles cookie of a couple of years back, I’ve since changed my guess to Teddy Grahams, since they’re both a Nabisco company. Okay, don’t take my word for it. Go get your own, grab a glass of milk and get guessing! – KW