What You Find on the Discount Bargain Shelf

My daughter Laura is a smart shopper. She coupons, checks sales ads, and always checks the clearance rack. Me? I usually go in with a cart and put the stuff I need in it. Shopping for one? 90 bucks a week. She shops for 7 people? 70 bucks a week.

So last weekend, I decided to tag along with her and do my grocery shopping at the same time. She asked me to send her my list and she would check the coupons and ads. And she came up with a game plan for me. My total? Thirty five bucks for the stuff I had been paying 90 for. WHAT? Good deal!

But before we went to the checkout, she told me she likes to check the clearance shelf to see if there’s anything new to try at a discount.

And look what I found. The big deal from a few months ago! MayoChup! Only two bucks for that big bottle!

Yeah, right.

I shared the pic on my IG because I thought it was funny. All the hype and it ended up on the discount bargain shelf?

Turns out this stuff is actually pretty good, that is, according to my IG friends.

Now I’m kicking myself. I wish I had spent the extra two bucks. Gah. Wonder if it’s still there? – KW