A Special Guest In The Studio -Georgia

After months of coming into studio this summer and seeing all my coworkers’ dogs running around and ready to play, I finally decided to bring my own baby in. Ezra loves to meet people and go on adventures so I knew he’d fit in great. Sure enough he made so many friends and loved his time at the studio. Definitely the cutest DJ on the block! We took a tour through the whole office and he roamed inquisitively in and out of every room he came across. He got all the pets and stole the hearts of everyone he met, as usual.

He’s a natural


Maybe next time I’ll bring his brother too. The two of them are the dream team together. The funniest part is that they do pretty well on leashes and act like dogs more than cats. Ezra and Elliot will definitely be more appearances at the station in the near future, so be on the lookout for their next adventures!

The Cutest!