Murder House Flip Is Coming Just In Time For Halloween. ~ CASH

You know, they’ve said buying a house is a nightmare. Oh, stop it! They never said that, or did they?

I’ve actually heard folks talk about the home buying process being a little scary. If you ask me, in terms of my house buying experience, scariest story of my life so far. Luckily for me, I didn’t buy a house with a lot of character(s) in it. Or, I should say, I’ve never bought a house with a sketchy story attached to it. You know, kind of like the Conjuring house. We talked a little bit about the Conjuring house offering tours and overnight stays for those brave enough. Count me out! You would never find me in a house like that. I wonder, did the family know what they were getting themselves into when they bought the Conjuring house? I sure hope not.

What would you do if you bought a house, then found out that something terrible happened there? Burn it down, right? No, you can’t do that. I suppose you should ask a ton of questions before you make your official offer.

Then, there are those people who would prefer to live in a house that has occasional, guests, roaming in and out. Some of those guests may be permanent, then you have a problem.

If this sounds like you, we’ve got just the thing, “Murder House Flip.” Yeah, it’s a new show that has home buyers looking for something a little bit more.

“Murder House Flip” is taking us into some of the countries most infamous murder homes. Once all the details emerge of the horrifying event or events that took place there, they will try to “exercise the demons” and get the house back on track. Good luck with that! For more details on “Murder House Flip” click here.

Our only question is, would you live in a former murder house?