Our Men Will Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness!

Breast cancer awareness is a cause that is close to my heart. Most of you know that I lost my beloved sister to the disease in 2005.

She found the lump when she was only 28 years old, but it took another three years for her to be taken seriously. By then, she was already stage 3 with 7 lymph nodes positive. Fortunately, we were given another 11 years with her because of the treatment options available to her at the time. She was able to go to law school and work in family law as she had always dreamed of. However, much was to be learned about breast cancer in younger women. It was almost unheard of! There was so much work to be done.

That was then. This was now! And thanks to all of those who have championed the cause, more and more people are catching it and beating it…EARLY! Because we KNOW that breast cancer can affect ANYONE at any age.

I will be emceeing the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer events at Mt. Trashmore and CNU again this October and I am so honored to be a part of this celebration! We celebrate our survivors, we honor those who went before us and share their stories, and we continue to raise funds and awareness so that someday this disease will be nothing more than a memory.

Right now, I am excited to tell you that FOUR of our Max Media men have volunteered to participate in the American Cancer Society’s Real Men Wear Pink Campaign this year! They have committed to help raise funds AND wear pink for the cause this October! (Cash even volunteered to dye his hair pink!)

Please join me in thanking them for their generosity and time! – KW

Cash Warren – 97-3 The Eagle mornings

Big Red – 97-3 The Eagle Weekends

Paul Richardson – Solid Gold WGH 97.3 HD2

Gene Loving – Chairman and CEO of Max Media LLC

To help our guys reach their fundraising goals, click here:

Real Men Wear Pink

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