Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren will share their love story in a new book

Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren has announced that she’s written a memoir!

Live in Love: Growing Together Through Life’s Changes, will show what it’s really like to be “the perfect couple” fans imagine, and reveals what it actually takes to live in love, stay in love, and grow together.

‍Lauren opens up about how she never wanted to be in the spotlight, but as Thomas made their relationship the subject of many of his hit songs, she was tossed into the role of one of America’s sweethearts.

Revered by fans for her down-to-earth ease and charm, her commitment to humanitarian work, and the pure love she exudes for her family, Lauren has never shared her side of their story—full as it’s been, with deep love, painful loss, tremendous joy, and a struggle to stay grounded in faith along the way—until now.

Lauren told People,

“I hope that through sharing my story, people from all walks of life can find themselves within the pages feeling related to, hopeful, not alone, inspired, and most of all — of course — loved.”

It is available for pre-order here


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Heyyy y’all 💛 so I have been working on a book (yep, a book. I know, I’m pretty shocked too) and I’m releasing it in May! Sharing my life and my heart in a book was definitely not something I thought I would ever do but I think God had a different plan haha 🙂 I’m excited but of course a little anxious because I think sharing a detailed window into someone’s personal life with people you’ve never met would make anybody a little nervous! But I hope y’all enjoy it, or at least laugh a little, or feel more confident in your faith (or find your faith🙌🏼) or feel related to as a mom or a wife or just as a person because no matter who you are: none of us are perfect, we’re all the same at the heart and we aaallll need a little love/help/friend/community as we navigate this life. And I hope this book becomes whatever you need in the moment and I hope you feel loved through it 🥰 Live in Love is available for preorder now and you can get it through the link in my bio💛 and I have to thank y’all SO much for y’all’s constant love and support of me and Thomas Rhett and our growing little family (and even our friends!) because y’all are the reason for this book💛💛

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Thomas shared the news on Instagram as well with a message to his wife saying:

“It’s tough to put into words how proud I am of @laur_akins for this book. It’s real, raw, to the point, hilarious, embarrassing (for me) and just downright uplifting and encouraging! Honey, I know how much work you have put into this to get it to a place you feel is right. I hope everyone who reads this book can find their own story In It somewhere! Also, huge thanks to everyone who helped this book come to life. You know who you are🙌🏼 I love you Lauren and I hope you cherish today! Pre order Live In Love now at”