Is My New Mouse Pad Inappropriate for the Workplace? – Stephanie

I’m a bit of an animal lover (ok that’s an understatement) and a lot of my office has kitschy animal themed office supplies.

I have a beaver pencil sharpener and an otter tape holder

A cat butt pen. Yes, you use that end to write 🤣

and my favorite was my cat mouse pad…until I spilled my lunch all over it one day! NOOOOOO!


So I had to get another one this week and of course I looked for a cute animal themed one with wrist support.

I found this…

I mean how cute is that Corgi butt?

Well apparently when you walk in my office and view it from another angle it looks like something…different.

After a few coworkers pointed it out today I had to ask…is this inappropriate for the workplace?

Please say no because I really love it 🤣🤣🤣

Should I keep it?

Yes it’s adorable
Sorry girl it’s got to go
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