Welcome To The World, My Sweet Baby Niece -Georgia

Almost a week ago, my whole world changed forever when I became an aunt. I missed the actual birth because everything happened so fast but when I arrived, I saw the most perfect angel I’ve ever seen. A whole 6 lbs 1 oz bundle of perfection. Most babies come out looking all squishy and like little aliens, but this baby is perfect (I’m not biased at all). I haven’t gotten much sleep in the last few days, but it’s so worth it for my sweet baby niece. Just take a look!

My angel


Cute little peanut


Living my best auntie life


I’m soaking in all the auntie snuggles and enjoying every second of her infant stages because even though they seem long now, they will pass in the blink of an eye. I can’t wait to see how she grows up and to see all that she becomes.