Sexy “Toy Story” Costumes Have Arrived Do We Really Need This? {PICS}

There will be tons of kids dressing up as characters from “Toy Story” this year. And now, apparently, there will be some ladies dressing up as SEXY versions too.

Inspired by the popular “Toy Story” films, e-tailer Fashion Nova has released three new looks inspired by our beloved Toy Story characters.

– “New Sheriff in Town” costume, modeled off of Woody’s cowboy look, has a garter belt, denim-colored, high-waisted underwear and a revealing zip-up shirt.

-The “Infinite and Beyond” costume, a much more risque version of Buzz Lightyear, has a revealing bra and not much else.

-“Ooooh the Claw,” based on the vending-machine creatures, is a costume marked with a figure-fitting metallic leotard and green-tint fishnet tights.

They’re anything but kid-friendly.

“I wonder if people really buy these and go trick or treating,” one Instagram user wrote. “Childhood ruined,” chimed another.

They’ll run you $70 if you’re interested but the Woody costume is already sold out.