Good Samaritan Finds Owner of Wallet in a Very Creative Way!

I just love good news stories, don’t you? A good samaritan named Simon Byford found a wallet and immediately wanted to get it back to it’s owner. Simon ran into a bit of a problem. The name on the drivers license was Tim Cameron, and such a common name that he had difficulty finding him in a sea of Tim Camerons on Facebook. Simon had no way of calling, emailing or inboxing without possibly alerting the WRONG Tim Cameron. So…he used Tim’s bank card and started leaving tiny deposits with comments in the notes section. Since the notes section only allows 18 characters, he left 4 deposits and four comments. The first one said, “Hi, I found your.” Then the second one said, “wallet in the road.” Then the next two said to call or text, and included Simon’s phone number. FORTUNATELY, Tim saw the transfers come through, reached out to Simon and met up with him. Tim gave him a bottle of red wine as a thank you. Then posted screenshots of the bank transfers on Twitter. – KW