OOPS! A Seattle Reporter Says the School Lunch Options Include “Marijuana” {VIDEO}

M.J. McDermott is a meteorologist for Seattle’s Q13 Fox News, and she was reading off some school district lunch options for the day. But instead of “marinara,” she accidentally said “marijuana.”


So my first thought was this is hilarious but then I had questions.

Is this really a breaking news story every day?  I’m riveted.

then I saw the menu and WOW! Rice Bowls, Chalupas?  We never had this in school when I was a kid.

I became a vegetarian at 12 years old so school lunches didn’t have a lot of options for me but I would look forward to cheese pizza day and grilled cheese day.  Every other day I would buy a Little Debbie Snack Cake from the ice cream line and that was my lunch.  Healthy right?

What was your favorite lunch at school?