They need to rename these items, ASAP {PICS}

I will be the first to say I am all about people eating better food, and healthy options in order to live whatever lifestyle they would like to live. But can I be real with you for one second? The names of some of these products are getting absolutely out of control.

Burger Kings recent “invention” of the Impossible Burger, which is a completely meatless burger… If you want something that tastes like a burger, eat a burger. Plain and simple. They said in their ads that you can’t even tell the difference, well if you just have a regular burger, it’ll taste just as good! I promise!

I was in on of my absolute favorite stores, Trader Joe’s and this is what I found…

Now I will give credit to TJ’s renaming one of their products “Tofurky” now that’s creative, but it’s better than Turkey Tofu. But to name Sausage-less Sausage just like that, is not appropriate. Don’t call it Sausage, if it literally has ZERO sausage within the product. End Rant. Have a great day!

– Big Red