All 3 Wheel of Fortune Contestants Couldn’t Figure Out Super Simple Puzzle!

So, what exactly was happening that night on Wheel of Fortune? Were the studio lights too much? Perhaps all three of them intentionally threw the game? I dunno. I got nothing. BUT, I COULD figure out that puzzle long before that last vowel was bought! All THREE contestants struggled to solve a fairly simple puzzle. The final puzzle in regulation game play was a phrase, which quickly became “TH_ Q_ _STION R_ _ _INS.” The first contestant guessed “the question rounds” and “the question raising.” The second contestant added an “M” and then guessed “the question reminds.” And finally, the third contestant bought an “E” resulting in the puzzle “THE Q _ ESTION REM _ INS.” He didn’t EVEN TRY to guess before the buzzer sounded.

And then…Twitter went wild. Who can blame them?

Seriously, this was ALL of us!!!! – KW