My Mom Has A Terrifying Doll Obsession. ~ CASH

Try to imagine sleeping in a house where you have a bunch of unusually realistic dolls staring at your every move. My brother and I used to “joke” about them coming to life when everyone went to sleep. We still believe it!

I remember my mom being in a ceramics class and having secret sisters and doing other weird late 80’s and early 90’s stuff that I don’t think a lot of women do anymore. Remember, this was pre-internet, so folks had to find ways to socialize. I suppose crafts were a good way to break the ice.

The scariest one of them all was my aunts. I always thought it was weird how some of my mom and my aunt’s toys and dolls turned into home decor. I wonder if I’ll display my son’s first Xbox 1 when he gets older? You know, it holds sentimental value. Anyway, this doll my aunt had reminded me of that scary looking clown guy riding the tricycle in the “Saw” movies. Not even kidding around. I’m sure it’s still around somewhere. Also, I have an honorable mention for a weird scary doll. My mother-in-law has a really weird life-like doll of one of her grandkids, standing up, with their head down. I’ve been told that they hear footsteps in the middle of the night. It’s the little grandkid doll running around the living room. Actually, that’s never happened. I just thought it added to the horrific nature of dolls. Did it work?

For your viewing pleasure, my mother was so kind as to send me the goods. So, with no further delay. I present you, Cash Warren’s Mom’s weird scary doll collection.