Pumpkin Carving In The Warren Household. ~ CASH

Do you go old school, or modern when carving your pumpkin?

It’s a simple question.

I remember growing up and my great-grandma Ruby would always provide the pumpkins for Halloween to my brother and me. I never knew where she got them. They did have a giant pecan farm for a million years, but I never remember seeing them growing any pumpkins. We could always rely on Grandma Ruby and Grandpa Henry to hook it up for Halloween.

For the longest time, we carved our pumpkin the old fashion way. You know, triangle eyes and nose with some weird looking square teeth. If you really wanted to be creative you would turn the teeth into fangs. Then, sometime in the mid-90s, they started to come out with these carving kits and it changed the pumpkin carving game.

This one took me a while back in the day. I was pretty proud of this.


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Here are some creative carvings from the family. Happy Halloween!