Scary Things Under The Bed!

Happy Halloween, y’all! Today, I’m gonna be hanging out on Twitter for awhile because users are cracking me up today with their responses to #ScaryThingsUnderTheBed

I think the scariest thing I’ve ever found underneath my bed was a Taco Bell wrapper. Mainly, because I don’t eat fast food at home. Ummm…so anyway….

Here are some of the best so far!

Seriously, there are way too many good ones so go check it out!

THIS one has got to be my fave response…cuz I think most parents can reaaaaaally feel this one. Mmmm hmmm.

The funny thing is, my kids SWORE they didn’t know how those plates got under there cuz they KNEW they weren’t allowed to eat in their bedrooms!

That could only mean ONE thing.


Monsters. 😉 #ScaryThingsUnderTheBed – KW