What The Time Change Means To Me

Honestly, I don’t mind the time change at all. As a matter of fact, I like it when it gets dark earlier in the colder months. It’s like a gentle reminder that it’s time to wind down and get ready for the holiday season.

That extra hour I got yesterday? I used it to jump in the Hallmark Christmas movie rabbit hole. No regrets. Well, I didn’t indulge in my sappy movie binging until after I took care of some important business.

You see, there’s only one real thing that really burned my biscuits about the whole gaining and losing an hour twice a year…

Most of the time keepers in my home change themselves when the time changes. There are only two that I have to change manually. The clock on my stove….

…and THIS monster.

It may look small in the photo, but I promise you it takes up most of one wall in my living room. It’s HUGE!!!

Okay, so quick backstory. I fell in love with this clock when I saw it in the store over a year ago and immediately bought it. It was on sale! BONUS! When I got home, I found that it would take two people to hang the danged thing, but I got the help and I was pleased with the end result.

When the time changed a few months after I bought it, I began to regret my decision to buy this beautiful freaking pain in the butt monstrosity. I called for help again, and my friends…laughed. But they helped.

Fast forward to yesterday.

I did not call for help. They called ME! WOW!

And I have decided that from now on, the day after the time change is a wine and cheese party with some of the best people I know.

Lemons into lemonade.

Now, I have a new reason to love the time change. – KW