Dating Is Hard– Here’s Why -Georgia

As a young twenty something living in the heart of downtown, dating can’t be THAT hard, right? Wrong. You see the same people at the same bars so what’s the alternative? Online dating. Online dating has become increasingly popular over the recent years and there are loads of success stories… yet still I’ve had no luck.

My very first Hinge date was back in the beginning of summer. The guy nearly stood me up. He was over an hour late and I was actually making my way to the exit when he walked in. I decided to let him buy me a drink and after we actually got to talking, he was surprisingly nice. We had a fair bit in common which warranted a second date. But after that, it was clear things weren’t going to work.

Back to the app.

The next one I met with asked what I like to eat. I told him anything but seafood… he took me to Saltine, an exclusive seafood restaurant. I had a salad. Also he did a lot of drugs that he conveniently left out of his profile.

Back to the app.

I met another one and we talked for a couple weeks. We set up a date and come the day of, I never heard from him, so I let it pass. He apologized the next day that something had come up. Willing to give it a second chance, we rescheduled for later in the week. Then he stood me up again and that was the end of that. I wish this was just a series of unfortunate events and not actually my life.

Back to the app.

Finally I met someone in person!! However it was halloweekend and we must’ve exchanged numbers because when I woke up the next day I had several text messages from him saying how he loved my costume and that he wanted to take me on an actual date. With another opportunity for free food, I happily accepted and we set a date. While I had just met this guy, I had also been talking to another one on the dating app for a couple weeks and we were also trying to set up a date for the same weekend. That one ended up canceling last minute, so that left me with Halloween guy.

Now this is where it gets crazy. The following story all happened in ONE night: I got home from work and spent some time putting myself together nice. I did my hair, freshened up my makeup, and spent far too long picking out an outfit that my room looked like a clothes tornado had wiped out everything in its path. I had finally settled on a pair of distressed jeans (can’t seem too fancy), a black tube top, and a brown suede jacket with my mules. I added my cheetah print handbag and was ready to go. When I arrived, he greeted me in a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt and didn’t look quite like I remember. That was my first clue to leave, but I tried to stick it out and give him the benefit of the doubt (i’m too nice, clearly). We ordered some food but he confessed he had already eaten (BEFORE OUR DINNER DATE) so I would likely be eating by myself. He ordered a couple tacos to be nice but when they arrived he didn’t touch them at all. That didn’t stop me from devouring my own dinner. Hey, free food. Over the course of the dinner I discovered we didn’t have a lot in common at all, but still the conversation flowed naturally. When it was time for the check, I took out my wallet to offer to split half and he said “I can pay for it. Only because this went well otherwise I’d have you pay for half” and my whole demeanor changed. I found a reason to excuse myself at the end and we politely went our separate ways.

MEANWHILE, the guy from the app who cancelled on me offered me to meet him and some friends out at Grain. Eager to not waste such a fun outfit I put together, I accepted and lime scootered my way through downtown to meet him. When I arrived I asked him to meet me in front. He rounded the corner and greeted me excitedly and I about made a B-line back for the exit. I had been catfished. I thought it was weird that we had been talking on snapchat but only in the chat section and not on the actual camera, but I was so busy with everything else in life that I didn’t pay it any mind. I now regret that decision. This guy was tall, but that was the only truthful thing about him. His hair was blonde instead of brown and it was super thin. He was a little bit fluffier than the pictures, and his face was cluttered with acne scars and some residual spots. Beyond frustrated at this point, I made him buy me a drink for wasting my time and tried to at least entertain him for a minute so I didn’t seem too rude. He introduced me to his friends who were just as bad. I didn’t talk at all. I just chugged my drink and left.

After this whole experience, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be taking a break from the online dating world. I have my two kitties and a career to build. In time, things will come and even though I see all my friends getting married and having kids around me, I have to accept that it’s not my time yet. They say good things come to those who wait so I guess I’ll be doing a lot of waiting now.