Dad Posts 10-Year-Old Daughters $10,000 Christmas List. {PIC} ~ CASH

My son is equally as excited for Christmas as this little girl who has a crazy Christmas wish list.

I try to think back to some of the things that I really wanted when I was growing up. The one thing that always comes back to me is the TalkBoy. Remember the awesome toy Kevin McCallister had when he was lost in New York? I never got it. It’s ok though, it makes for a good story now.

When my son starts to talk about Christmas, he usually drops the usual stuff, iPad, iPhone, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, things like that. Did you notice there were no mentions of toy cars or b.b. guns or anything cool like what I grew up with? The Discman, 6 disc changers, and maybe a pager were the more expensive technological driven items for the holidays. As you can see with this little girls’ list, we sure have come a long way.