I Think Everyone Should Visit Iceland At Least Once {Pics}

My first international trip was nearly three years ago and I chose Iceland strictly for Northern Lights…but when I got there, I found this country to have so much more to offer for us nature lovers! That’s why I chose to visit again. This time, I was joined by family who love photography as a hobby!

We stayed a week in this beautiful place and yes, it was a little colder than Hampton Roads, but we layered up and it wasn’t bad at all!

BTW, I only paid $400 for a roundtrip ticket departing out of DC (found a deal in March), and split the cost of a guesthouse apartment…about 250 bucks my part for the week. Flight time was less than 6 hours.

Need more incentive to visit?

Here ya go!

(BTW…Yes, we did see Northern Lights!)