The Great Green Bean Casserole Fail

Since it is National Green Bean Casserole Day, I thought I’d share this little mishap that happened over Thanksgiving holiday. I just got back from Iceland the day before and was a little jet-lagged, but I promised the youngest that I would bring over a covered dish of green bean casserole. I had most of the ingredients and wanted to double the recipe so we could have some later as well. I didn’t have enough green beans for that, and surely didn’t feel like running back out to the store. So…I improvised. I figured I’d jazz it up a little. And it looked like everyone liked it. Great! I can do this again, right?

Well, this morning the kids and I were chatting on FB inbox about getting everyone together again this weekend since a couple of the girls had to work on Thanksgiving. And we discussed which dish we would bring.

This is how THAT turned out. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Rachel Ray, I am not. So I’m gonna stick to the recipe…on the back of the french fried onions can. My kids will be delighted, I’m sure. – KW