A Physics Professor at TCC with Unique Teaching Methods has GONE VIRAL! [VIDEO]

We have all had that one teacher growing up in school that we will remember for the rest of our lives. If only the technology was as great back then as it is today, I bet I could have made some of my favorite teachers and professors go VIRAL like one Physics Student did with her Professor at Tidewater Community College. Professor David Wright, who has been teaching at TCC for 45 years, has a very unique way of teaching his students. Experiments such as creating ice cream using Liquid Nitrogen, or letting deflating balloons fly around the room, Wright told BuzzFeed news, “It keeps them focused, We’ll talk about what might happen. We’ll do the demonstration. We’ll talk about why it happened the way it did. I’m trying to show them how physics applies in the real world. They really appreciate being able to do that and see the applications of that.”

One student, Erica Church, decided to film different experiments throughout the semester, put them all in one video and post them on social media. And the video went viral in just a couple of days. With well over 22 million views, Church and Professor Wright have been quite the talk of the town and the country.

Check out the video Erica Church posted on her twitter feed of Professor Wright. It’s one of the best things you’ll see today!

Did you ever have a professor like Professor Wright?

– Big Red