Kip Moore Reveals That His Career May Be Cut Short Due to Health Issues

In a heartfelt Instagram post this weekend Kip Moore opened up about his struggles with depression over the years and health issues that may make it difficult to continue his career.

2019 is a wrap for us. I’ve struggled with ear problems my whole life. Lots of surgeries as a kid and it’s a problem I deal with nightly that’s always changing. I remember working countless jobs I didn’t enjoy at weird hrs so that I could write throughout the day in my early to mid 20’s. I remember hustling to figure out ways to pay the rent, heat, car, etc. I remember showing up to an eviction notice at 23 after my roommate skipped out with months of rent $. I remember being 29 living in a tiny garage apartment feeling the weight of depression that grips us all at times. I remember feeling like a failure when I’d buy into what society told me was successful. I remember everything along this journey but what I’ll remember most is the joy I’ve experienced doing what I love to do. I know it’s a blessing and a privilege. I appreciate every fan that’s showed up to hang with us. I appreciate my management for hustling on my behalf…my agents, my label for their continued faith & trust in me, all the writers that have helped me become the writer & artist I am. I learned how to write doing it over and over with Westin and Dan. I woulda never gotten here wo them. We made each other better everyday. I appreciate my promo team for all the miles you’ve traveled for me. I appreciate my VIP staff K$ and Randall rock for keeping my sanity in tact and for bringing daily joy to my world. I love you guys. I appreciate my band, crew, and rockstar tour manager. I appreciate you all because i know what this thing takes and Because I know my time is most likely ticking faster due to something out of my control with my ears. I love you all. Cheers to 2019. @ginajoyphoto


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