Fast Tips for a Chic New Year’s Eve Party~Carly!

New Years’ Eve 2020 is just around the corner, and I have decided to take it easy and just be the two of us celebrating. But if I were to have a get together these tips seem pretty easy and simple to throw together to make it look like an effort was made.

Tip #10: Make Nice Cubes
Freeze sequins and pink sanding sugar for pretty party ice cubes as decoration. Get these frozen in batches the day before so they’re ready to go, and fill a glass or an acrylic ice bucket to show off the sparkles and colors. Just remember it’s only for decor, not for drinking!

Tip #9: Tape a Bow on It
Dress up your champagne glasses with a New Year’s bowtie. All you need is double-sided tape and some nice ribbon, like one with polka dots for a festive look.

Tip #8: Keep It Sweet ’Til the End
Use vintage coupe glasses as candy dishes, and spread them out across a table for an easy-grab dessert bar. I always go for no fewer than five candies, from store-bought gummies to chocolate truffles.

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