Is It a Red Flag If You Don’t Watch TV Together As a Couple? ~ Cash {Video}

Whatdya talking about? My wife loves watching tv with me. For example, this weekend we have two days of playoff football. I told her last night that I’m excited to spend time with her this weekend watching all the games. The unusual thing, she didn’t say anything back to me…I wonder why?

My wife is awesome when it comes to hanging with me and watching things that I’m interested in. On New Year’s Day, I woke up early and found a movie on Netflix. She wakes up and says, “Let me guess, another mob movie?” Yes, hun, it is! See, she knows me all too well.

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Text: My friends wife doesn’t watch TV with her husband at night. They watch in separate rooms. I think he’s in a lot of trouble! What do you guys think? Thanks!

What do you think, is this guy in trouble?