I Found A Cheap Way To Clean Your Carpets! ~ Cash {Video}

I have small children who make a mess everywhere they go. It’s kind of funny. One of my two-year-olds favorite things to say is, “mess!” As in, she makes a mess then walks away. She’ll acknowledge her mess, but isn’t interested whatsoever in picking up after herself. For a while, she would take a drink of her juice then throw her cup on the floor and it would go all over the place. As you can probably tell, it was getting to me.

Our floors, couch, kitchen table, and pretty much everything else my wife and I own has been destroyed at the apartment. When I had my house, I don’t remember her being so crazy. We move to Virginia Beach and boom, my hair is going gray.

I had to do something about the floors, they were making me sick. I told my wife that I was going to rent a shampooer so we can clean the carpets, but before I spent all that money, I thought I should wander around YouTube and see if there’s a cheaper alternative.

I came across this guy who claimed that his magic potion would take any stain out of any carpet. Me being as cheap as I am, I decided to see what he had to say. Needless to say, I was impressed. I tried his anecdote and I’ll be dog, it worked! The only stipulation was that I needed to buy a wet/dry shop vac. I found one at Walmart for 20 bucks!

Here’s the video explaining all you’ll need to clean your carpets.