Guess What Jake Owen broke~{PIC/VIDEO}~Carly!

After having a fractured foot for a while I can feel for Jake Owen and his broken wrist….especially as a professional entertainer who needs to travel and perform…Jake Owen is sporting a cast for the new year, and he turned to social media to share with fans how he broke his wrist while trying to warn his daughter, Pearl, “what not to do.”

“I was riding a skateboard in my driveway with my little girl, Pearl, trying to show her what no to do,” he recounts. “And I showed her what not to do, all right … don’t break your wrist, Pearl,” he states, holding up his wrist in a cast for emphasis.

And he is going on tour with Lady Antebellum as they promote their new album, Ocean!
Which kicks off May 21st in Albuquerque, New Mexico, along with Maddie and Tae…