The Top Things We’re Worse at Because of Technology

Over the weekend I locked myself out of my computer because I forgot my password!



I got the prompt late Friday afternoon that I had to change it and promptly forgot it so Monday morning I was that person hanging my head in shame calling tech support to help me log back in.

I’m not alone though. A new study found remembering passwords is the #1 thing we’ve all gotten worse at.

Here are the top 10 things we’ve gotten worse at because of technology . . .

1. Remembering passwords.

2. Remembering other people’s phone numbers.

3. Knowing how to spell certain words, because we all have spell check now.

4. Handwriting, because we don’t write stuff down anymore.

5. Math, because everyone has a calculator on their phone.

6. Remembering our own phone number.

7. Remembering who starred in movies and TV shows.

8. Knowing your friends’ addresses.

9. Being able to slow down and relax.

10. How to completely stop and do nothing for a while.