I’ll Bet You Have A Box Of These Somewhere…And It’s Time To Let Goooooo

I never even thought about it until I read this story about a couple who had moved a few times due to the husband’s job. One box always went unpacked and straight into the garage. The box contained about 30 electronic cords to lord knows what. Anyway, about 4 years ago, the woman sorted through the box, paired the cords with the electronic devices they still had, and got rid of the rest. She says it was like a gigantic weight had been lifted! Until last summer when they went through their garage and found a bag…filled with…

You guessed it.

Maybe it’s time to start ditching those cords and electronic devices from the last decade that’s just chillin somewhere in a box, a bag, or a junk drawer? I know I have my work cut out for me this weekend. I have at least THREE boxes. – KW

What To Do With All Those Cables And Cords You’ve Hoarded

Over at the Wall Street Journal, writer Katharine Bindley asked us to admit one thing to ourselves: Somewhere, in the back of a closet or an attic, we all have a box of unused cords and cables. Collected throughout a lifetime, their individual purpose remains unclear-yet you hold onto them in fear that you might,…