Man Locked Inside 24-hour Gym Goes Viral {PICS}

A guy is going viral today after he got locked in at his 24 hour gym!

Dan Hill says he wasn’t surprised that no one was around when he got out of the pool after midnight. He’s used to seeing the gym fairly empty when he visits around those hours. But what he didn’t know was the 24 hour gym had closed!

Hill told KCL TV: “The music was still blaring and that’s why I thought there’s gotta be someone still here,” Hill said. “I went through every square inch of that place looking for someone.”

Finding nobody, he decided to have a little fun with it and snap some selfies.

After his post went viral he shared an update saying

So I’ve felt bad about any poor publicity I may have caused. Despite all the fuss, I still love my 24 (even if it is now my 20). Maybe this is a workable solution…

And he seems to be having fun with the publicity sharing this screenshot with the caption

That’s the closest I’ll ever get to the prince!😂