“Haunted” Elsa Doll from Frozen Won’t Leave Family Alone. ~ CASH {PICS}

You know what, I’m not surprised. It’s like those dolls my mom had when I was growing up. As soon as the lights go out, those things come to life. It was on a pretty normal occasion that I would wake up and notice that one of the dolls was sitting differently than the night before. How does that happen? Ghosts, that’s how. Obviously, this is what’s going on with this family.

6 years ago, some really nice parents bought their daughter a cute Elsa doll to play with. Little did they know that it was possessed! Well, I’m not sure if it’s possessed, but my mind went straight to the “Conjuring.” You know, a really scary doll that does horrible things? Great horror movie by the way. According to the story, this doll hasn’t had the batteries changed in over 6 years and now she’s bilingual. You know, you can make a lot of money if you’re bilingual. Mi Espanol es muy poquito, senorita! Do you know what I’m saying?

This family has tried several times to get rid of the doll only for it to show back up in the backyard. Reminds me of “Chucky.” Are we seeing a pattern here?

Better throw that thing in woodchipper before it’s too late!