Animal Shelter in NC Trying to Find Home for Cat Who’s “Just a Jerk”

Meet Perdita. Isn’t she cute? Maybe she can be an adorable companion for anyone looking for hugs and purrs? Nope. Don’t let her photogenic appearance fool you. She has been known to con people into thinking she wants cuddles…and then…it ends very badly. At first, the shelter thought she might be sick…but the veterinarian says, nah. “She’s just a jerk.”

Some commenters say that Perdita is their “soulmate” or “spirit animal.” Others claim to know someone in their lives who deserves the cat.

Either way, Perdita is definitely getting quite a bit of attention on social media. Maybe that’s what she really wants? Anyway, let’s just hope she finds a good home where she can CALM DOWN. YIKES! – KW