Viral Photo of A Pregnant Mom Eating Ice Cream Has Gone Viral Has Other Moms Sharing How They Hide Food [PIC]

Reddit user u/Mookattacks, whose name is Chelsea, shared a hilarious photo that her husband took of her to the sub-Reddit group Baby Bumps. The mom of two girls, who is pregnant with her third child, was caught in the act of hiding out in the bathroom digging into what looks to be a small tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. “My beautiful specimen of a wife,” her husband wrote on the photo along with a heart eyes emoji.

My husband found me hiding in the bathroom, pants down, shoveling cookie dough ice cream in my mouth and hiding from our kids. This is pregnancy. (29weeks) from r/BabyBumps

After the photo went viral we learned more about it.  Chelsea told Romper that she just couldn’t wait til the kids were in bed for a little alone time. She says this was “[her] first time hiding out with food in there…and I just so happened to be caught with my pants down. Literally.”

Other moms started chiming in on their own ways of sneaking food so their kids don’t see.  One reddit user wrote:

my go-to is changing out my candy from its noisy packaging to a quiet sandwich bag and then eating pieces out of the bag from my hoodie pocket when my kid isn’t looking. he hasn’t caught on yet 😂

And other non pregnant users could relate too

Question….Is this only acceptable during pregnancy? Cuz it seems like a Friday night to me.


In case you’re wondering, she isn’t mad at her husband for taking the photo. She said they loved to pull pranks on each other and “I’m sure I’ll get my payback soon.”