“The Adventures of Superman” Debuts on Radio 80 Years Ago Today. ~ CASH {Listen}

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its, its, Superman!!!!!!!!

How can you not respect the greatest superhero of all time? This is coming from a Batman superfan.

I’ve always looked at Superman as the leader of all things good. I can safely say, being a Batman enthusiast, that Superman could take Batman if things got heated. I mean, c’mon, he had to use a spacesuit to fight the guy in ‘Superman Vs. Batman.’ You can’t cheat to fight a guy, whoop him, then tell everyone you took him out and you beat him. It doesn’t work that way. That always bothered me about that movie. Which, by the way, if you want to read the original story on Superman and Batman’s feud, check out Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns.” They ripped the story that Frank Miller had in the ’80s to create your Batman Vs. Superman movie.

Superman made his debut in Action Comics back in 1938. If anyone is sitting on an Action Comics #1 and don’t want it, I would gladly take that off your hands. At auction, ‘Action Comics #1’ has sold for 3.2 million bucks! That’s a lot of money for a man who leaps tall building in a single bound.

Happy radio Birthday, Superman! Check out the very first episode here.